Press Releases

2017 Press Releases

March 13, 2017 EHRA Recognizes Companies for Upgrading to EHR Developer Code of Conduct Version 2 at HIMSS17

2016 Press Releases

February 25, 2016 Code of Conduct Press Release
June 21, 2016 EHRA Elections Bring In New Leaders and Retain Experienced Leadership

2015 Press Releases

December 17, 2015 EHRA and ACP Co-host Usability Workshop
June 16, 2015 EHRA Elects New Leadership
February 25, 2015 EHRA Creates New Workgroup to Focus on Healthcare Delivery System Reform

2014 Press Releases

December 19, 2014 EHRA Underscores Its Support of Federal Government Focus on Interoperability
June 12, 2014 EHR Association Elects FY15 Executive Committee

2013 Press Releases

June 17, 2013 EHR Association Elects Leadership
June 11, 2013 Electronic Health Record Association Announces EHR Developer Code of Conduct
March 7, 2013 EHR Association Statement to the Press, National Health IT Week
March 7, 2013 EHR Association Supports Bipartisan Policy Committee Report on Patient Safety
March 7, 2013 EHR Association Provides Guidance on Stage 2 Secure Health Transport


2012 Press Releases

June 26, 2012 Electronic Health Record Association FY13 Elections Bring New and Experienced Leadership Together to Meet Industry Challenges
June 20, 2012 EHR Association Responds to ONC Request for Information on NwHIN Governance
May 4, 2012 The EHR Association Responses to the ONC NPRM on Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification Criteria and the CMS NPRM on the Electronic Health Record Incentive Program Stage 2
March 9, 2012 EHR Association Responds to Health Affairs Study and New York Times Article on Health IT and Increased Physician Ordering
February 20, 2012 The EHR Association Publishes Patient Safety Statement of Commitment


2011 Press Releases

September 15, 2011 Electronic Health Record Association Supports ONC's Initiative to Engage Consumers in their Health via Health IT
September 6, 2011 Electronic Health Record Association Drives Support for Free Mother/Baby Information Program
August 15, 2011 Electronic Health Records Association Expresses Concerns Regarding Accounting for Disclosures Proposed Rule
June 28, 2011 Electronic Health Records Developers Agree on Standards and Provide Direction to Achieve Interoperability
June 14, 2011 HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association Comments on the Accountable Care Organization NPRM
EHRA comments can be viewed here.
March 2, 2011 HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association Announces New Collaboration and Responds to Stage 2 Meaningful Use Proposals at HIMSS11
February 21, 2011 Regional Extension Centers and HIMSS EHR Association Join Forces To Support Providers in EHR Selection, Implementation and Achieving Meaningful Use


2010 Press Releases

June 14, 2010 EHR Association Elects New Leadership
March 16, 2010 EHR Association Responds to CMS/ONC on NPRM and IFR

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Our Association is responding to the demands of our customers - the vast majority of hospitals and physicians using EHRs in the United States today - to provide standards-based, interoperable solutions to help them improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery for all Americans.

-Charlene Underwood, Senior Director, Government and Industry Affairs, Siemens Healthcare, Past-Chair of the EHR Association, and Past Chair of the HIMSS Board of Directors